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David is a Licensed Reader in the Church of England.  He was admitted as a Reader and  licensed  by the Bishop of Peterborough at Pentecost 2010.

Click on the link above to read a selection of his sermons and essays.

Computer Music

At many of the services at St Nicholas Bulwick, David can be seen sitting behind his keyboard from which the music for the hymns is playing.  However, those sitting close enough can see that his hands are firmly in his lap.

David produces the music at home on his computer and saves it to a floppy disk which slots into his Yamaha Keyboard.  Click on the tab above to find out how the process works.  (The link opens a fairly large PDF file. It loads quickly over broadband but would take a long time on a dial-up connection)

Voyages of Retreat from Battle II

Click on the link above to read all about David and Pat's voyages around the Mediterranean on board their Trident Voyager Retreat from Battle II